Human Designs Of Divine Essence: Tantric Massage

Our motives are not purely mercantile and we do not want a “factory performance”. We want to keep the notion of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness to customers within the rules of etiquette and the most basic courtesy.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you would like on your expectations. We will answer them with pleasure.
For your comfort and enjoy the benefits of oils on your body, flawless and necessary hygiene. Is this a useful reminder.
“To touch the soul in the palm of your body,” I suggest you to honour your body and meet the soul that lives in tantric massage. Tantric massage is an intimate massage, enveloping while relaxing. It is extremely soft, it encourages abandonment and develops self-confidence. With great sensuality, it will awaken one by one all of your senses.

Addressing with infinite tenderness and love the sacred temple of your body, you will discover that as the “master body.” Ally of your heart and your mind alone can make you feel the openings be in you. The more interior abandonment is practiced, the more it becomes possible to reach and awaken the essential: your vital energy.

This is a wonderful way to go in itself and it does not follow the same route for every person. I would be honoured to assist you in this tantric quest.
Beneficial and fulfilling for the spiritual heart and his physical body, London Tantric massage is a sacred encounter for me. From the first contact, I will reciprocate with you in an atmosphere of openness, welcoming, warm and friendly. The first step for me is to always open my heart to establish the trust relationship. Do not hesitate to write me to share me your interest, questions or concerns. Tantric massage is the first step to make the divine energy in you!

Tantric Massage For Conscious Living

Combined with the practice of Hatha Yoga, tantric massage helps to improve the ability to relax consciously, it makes more rapid stretching of the muscles and the dissolution of the joints. The unconscious and the body of the patient receiving the input, especially when performing cycles of three, seven or ten tantric massages, which help mightily to learn how to release old tensions that prevent the proper execution of the postures. The effect is often that of an “internal shower”, which leaves a feeling of freshness, confidence, renewal.

Beauty Tantric massage at one of London salons


tantric girl

In this post I want to tell you about one of the most popular treatments, you can truly find any beauty salon. It is commonly called pressure therapy is a beauty treatment really simple but equally effective.
Let’s see what is but what is above.
The apparatus used for the tantric massage at does nothing but create a drainage tantric massage of the lower limbs through a system of tubes that are inside of the fork. Once worn, they exert even pressure on various areas, following the movement, alternating with moments of pause. This tantric massage helps the lymphatic and blood circulation, making it more efficient and reducing or helping to prevent unsightly cellulite.

Today, tantric massage oils at Lush have a whole new formulation even more supportive, even sexier, even more effective.
Made with shea butter and cocoa butter, organic and fair trade product from Fundopo, a small cooperative in the Dominican Republic (where cocoa production represents 90% of the wealth of the local community, for whose economy is therefore an essential product) and 100% natural, the new formulation “tip” is all natural, preservative-free, and allows a longer tantric massage, sensual and intense! London tantric space is a good alternative to experience the same depth of sensuality in UK.
A creamy, smooth and delicate that melts on contact with the skin and ensures maximum smoothness. Each stick is 20% lighter than before, but also more durable: it takes very little to ensure a long, long tantric massage and can also be used as a cream solid.